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Johnny Williams a Bangor Legend

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Johnny was born Johnny Nagle in Rockland.  He moved to Bangor when he was three months up and lived on Pine Street.

His parents divorced and his mother married Henry Williams in 1915.  Henry adopted young Johnny when he was ten years old. The family lived in Bangor's Little City section.

Henry died in 1917 and Johnny carried the family name to national fame.

Johnny was most remembered in Bangor for a jazz group called the Johnny Williams Happy Six. He dropped out of Bangor High School in 1922, after his sophomore year.

He went to Portland, Hampton, Boston and New York.  While in New York, he played for the CBS orchestra. he caught on with the Raymond Scott Quintette.  They went to Hollywood to work on a number of major motion pictures.

The quintet and Johnny are featured in the Sonja Henie movie "Happy Landings."

Johnny died in 1984.  By that time, his son John had become one of the most famous composers in history.  He currently has 44 Academy Award nominations.

Henry Williams is buried in Bangor's Mt. Hope Cemetery with his parents.