Midcoast's Toboggan race cut back due to storm | News

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Midcoast's Toboggan race cut back due to storm

CAMDEN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - The Midcoast is getting clobbered with snow like everyone else in Maine, but in one town they're determined not to let a blizzard get in the way of the fun.

In Camden, this is toboggan race weekend. That usually means big crowds for the annual three day event, and the storm has forced them to make some changes.

The U.S. national Toboggan championships typically draws more than eight hundred competitors and six to eight thousand spectators . People come from all over the country for the toboggan racing and the party that goes with it. People were at the Camden Snow Bowl today getting their toboggans weighed in and certified for the races.

The storm has forced organizers to cut the racing to just Sunday. They told us it was a tough decision because the Toboggan races have become very important to local businesses. Hotels and Inns fill up for the long weekend, and so do restaurants - all at a time of year when business is usually pretty slow.

Several of those businesses told us there have been a few cancellations, but not that many. Some people travelled early because of the storm, and of course many come from the greater Camden area so they're around anyway.

One restaurant owner told us he plans to stay open as long as he can tonight, and once the worst of the storm passes Saturday morning they'll all clean up and get ready for the big day Sunday.

For the rest of us, if course, it will be just the cleaning up part. Tonight in particular we'll be keeping watch on the winds here along the coast, and these peninsula towns that can really get clobbered by power outages in big wind storms.